To all politicians

Our electricity bills have doubled in the last ten years. Yet we can no longer rely on our electricity supply. It is damaging our economy and threatening our businesses and jobs.

We need an energy policy that prioritises affordability and reliability and delivers our climate commitments.

That means a sensible energy mix, which takes advantage of Australia’s rich coal and gas reserves and exploits the latest cleaner coal and renewable energy technology.

It is the only way to keep our bills down, our lights on and our businesses growing.

Please end this energy crisis now.

  • The average price of electricity has doubled in Australia in the past decade.

  • Many countries enjoy electricity half the price paid in Australia.

  • Australia pays more for its electricity than Mexico, Luxemburg and Korea.

  • In recent months South Australia, Victoria and NSW have each had to load shed to prevent major blackouts.

  • South Australia has suffered 7 blackouts in just 5 months.