Key Statistics & Information

 Source: Tasmanian Treasury, 2016, link

Gross State Product (2015-16)

Source: Tasmanian Treasury, 2016, link

$26.04 billion
Current Energy Mix (2015-16) 20% gas, 54% hydro, 19% wind, 5% solar
Renewable Energy Target

Source: ABC, 2016, link

No renewable energy target.
Minister for Resources and Energy Guy Barnett MP, Minister for Resources (Liberal)

Matthew Groom MP, Minister for Energy (Liberal)

Shadow Minister for Resources and Energy David Llewellyn MP, Shadow Minister for Resources (Labor)

Bryan Green MP, Shadow Minister for Energy & Shadow (Labor)

Economic Snapshot
State Budget (Tasmanian budget) $5.4 billion
Coal Royalties (2016-2017), link All mineral royalties (inclusive of coal and metals) totals to $20 million
Employed in coal mining 70 people employed in coal mining.
2015/16 standing offer bill $1856