Malcolm Turnbull talks up his ‘agnostic’ policy on energy

//Malcolm Turnbull talks up his ‘agnostic’ policy on energy

Malcolm Turnbull talks up his ‘agnostic’ policy on energy

05 March, 2017

Rachel Baxendale

Courtesy of the Australian

Malcolm Turnbull has used a visit to a Queensland solar farm to talk up his government’s “agnostic” policy on energy.

Speaking at Barcaldine, near Longreach, in the vast southern and central Queensland electorate of Longreach, the Prime Minister said the government had a practical, businesslike approach to energy “driven by engineering and by economics, not by ideology”.

“What we need to do is ensure that Australians at home or at work, households and businesses, have affordable and reliable electricity, and that we take advantage of all of our natural advantages, our great coal resource, gas resource,” he said.

Mr Turnbull said the SA Labor government’s failure to provide proper planning for baseload and storage alongside renewable energy in South Australia had made its electricity the most expensive and lease reliable.

“Renewables have a very big part to play and we’re seeing it here in Maranoa, and we’ll see more of it, but you’ve got to make sure that you have the storage and you have the transmission to ensure that it all works together to deliver the right outcome,” he said.

“What the Labor Party has done is fail to manage the electricity networks, failed to manage the planning, and the best example is South Australia.”

“With a lack of baseload, with a lack of storage in South Australia, the state’s network became much more vulnerable.”

Member for Maranoa David Littleproud said his seat was becoming an Australian hub for energy.

“We have it all,” he said.

“We actually have coal-fired power stations that are employing hundreds of people across Maranoa, we’ve got solar right here today, we’ve just had an announcement of a huge wind energy project just out of Kingaroy, and obviously we’ve also got gas.

“So we actually are putting a third pillar into the Maranoa economy around agriculture, tourism and now energy, so this is an exciting time for the people of Maranoa in diversifying our economic base and ensuring that we actually also get a sensible energy policy that will put downward pressure on electricity costs for people right across this country while also meeting our international standards.”

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