Australian Power Project’s Nathan Vass on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show

//Australian Power Project’s Nathan Vass on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show

Australian Power Project’s Nathan Vass on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show

15 May, 2017

Nathan Vass & Alan Jones

Courtesy of 2GB

Alan Jones (AJ): Not a dam being built, and look at the energy mess we are in. I mean, as you said if this replacement power is renewable then we are at risk of state wide blackouts like South Australia.

Nathan Vass (NV): Absolutely, and now South Australia, look I love Adelaide, I love South Australia, I think it’s a wonderful state but they have got themselves into a very difficult situation now where industry won’t go there, jobs cannot be created and residents and businesses there cannot rely on where their energy is coming from. New South Wales has a wonderful opportunity. New South Wales has a wonderful generation hub in the Hunter Valley.

AJ: Yeah

NV: Let’s build a clean coal technology power station

AJ: But you see I’ve been going on Nathan about ripping the guts out of the Liverpool Plains but with Shenhua. Now Shenhua is a Chinese company which is going to mine the guts out of the Liverpool Plains all for export. This is what we are doing to the gas. We are giving them a licence to take the gas out of the ground and it all goes to the export market and we are left high and dry. Which dumb politicians are being this sort of policy?

NV: I completely understand what you’re saying Alan. What we are doing, we are basically setting ourselves up to fail because we are not looking at our own backyards, we are not looking at where we need to supply power, look after business and look after jobs. This is what it’s about this is what the Australian Power Project is about.

AJ: Look after Australia. Look after Australia.

NV: Yep, yep absolutely and if we keep going down this way and closing Hazelwood, closing power stations in New South Wales. Where’s the power coming from Alan? Next summer, when it’s 40 degrees in Sydney, when it hits 40 degrees in Melbourne, where’s the power coming from to keep the air conditioners going? We don’t have it anymore. The way we are going, we just don’t have it.

AJ: Unbelievable . And nobody’s listening to you, nobody’s listening to me and look at the polls today, what a mess. Well listen, we’ll keep in touch. Thank you for the e-mail, very much appreciated and good to talk to you.

NV: Thank you for the time Alan and I just wanted to say this is about a national policy.

AJ: It is.

NV: And that what we need.

AJ: It is indeed.

NV: A national policy.

AJ: A national policy. Good on you Nathan Vass. There he is Nathan Vass.

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